Anastasia AschwandenThe INFRATRAINER changes fundamentally the concepts of weight loss, body shaping, cellulite treatment and detoxication. It enables even the extremely obese users to lose weight faster and easier than ever before.
INFRATRAINER | The Zerofat Technology It is the most modern and the most effective health maintaining and body shaping technology of the 21st century. The INFRATRAINER is a special fitness equipment combining two kinds of training for the sake of the highest possible efficiency.
An effective kind of training that can be done by anyone, and the smart solutions of the one that is seen as a world novelty.

The InfraTrainer combines the advantages of an innovative recumbent ergometer with those of an infrared heater and a magnetic field system in order to make every training session as efficient as possible. The infrared heat goes deep. Tissue, muscles and fat are reached and mobilized by waves, toxins are released, which are removed from the body in sweat and by the accelerated metabolism. Through the synergy with the MAGNETVITAL SYSTEM, which is located in the seat, the effectiveness is increased and the general well-being is increased.

Infrared heat treatment
Infrared radiation has a beneficial and health-promoting influence on the body. With a wavelength of 2-25 micrometers, the high-energy radiation penetrates deep under the skin. This causes a strong sweat secretion and detoxification reaction throughout the body without causing an uncomfortable feeling of heat.

Personalized training
The nine-level adjustable magnetic brake and adjustable intensity of the infrared light enable the training intensity to be individually adjusted. The lying position ensures a gentle training and is also recommended for customers with overweight and degenerative joint wear. The fitness device can be used to address a broad target group, from amateur athletes to professionals. Training with the InfraTrainer is individually tailored and coordinated to achieve your personal goals.